Saturday, April 30, 2011

Satuday 4/30/11

Goodbye April!

Yesterday I watched the Royal Wedding.  Aww!  The Prince was handsome, the bride beautiful, the weather accommodating - a brilliant, brilliant day. The Brits certainly know how to put on a great pageant don't they?

Spring has finally sprung here.  The trees have gone from bud to little green puffs of leaves.  Our new tulips are out and lovely.  Derek does do a wonderful job gardening. 

The seeds Vicki and Isabel have been growing are all dying.  They planted too early for this area and the seedlings have become leggy and weak. Derer did the same thing with the basil.  He is busy replanting a bunch of seeds so we will see what happens.  The final frost date is May 31st in this area.  We will keep our fingers crossed.

This is my interptation of The Wish.  I am not too happy with it but this is one of those suggested titles that leaves me wondering if I have any artistic talent at all!

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