Saturday, April 28, 2012


In desparation I finally purchased a new camera on Amazon last night.  I have wanted one for a long time and now I need it!  Today I took a day off and  had fun.  I took care of baby Mackenzie - 6 months old and a little darling.  I managed a sketch of her when she was napping and I have another couple going as well.  I practiced a "doll" faced drawing this evening and used my Prismacolor pencils. I purchased them for a Suzi Blu lesson and have only used them once so far.

April 28th,
Here are a couple of sketches I made in the last couple of days or so.  I have actually been working on some "envelope" art and sent of a few letters etc.  I learned that water colors are NOT a very successful medium for envelopes - they buckle with the water and that isn't what I want.  It's fun finding what doesn't work right up there with what does.

School vacation led to a "let's play art" session with Isabel and Scotty.  I showed them how to "dribble" and spray ink, chunk on some gesso and stick "stuff" to the picture.  Scotty took his home with him but Isabel experimented with the "let's just mix 'em up up together" method and was not too impressed with the big grey globby mess she created!

The end of the weekend.......

Ken, Mandi and the kids just went back to Connecticut after a "Birthday/Anniversary" overnight visit. It was fun to see them and we ate well - roast beast and roast duck.  I was amazed to find the kids all loved the duck, even Jay (Mr. I eat beef, turkey and chicken only man), liked the duck. No leftovers for Derek and I :( !

I have been diligent about working on art. Friday I worked on the cover of my new sketch book.  I can't say it's great but it works and I quite like it.  Very little time Saturday because of visiting relatives, but I did get a download from Dadcando and made a lovely little butterfly from paper.  Today Ken and I sat down and painted.  Ken is a stunningly good artist and was finishing a desert scene to give to his cousin.  They are stopping at the cousin's house on the way home so it had to be done.  It's hard for me to sit down with my doodles and see Ken creating a master work of art.

I created an illustration for the Nursery Rhyme "There was a crooked man".  It was fun and I used my
Inktense pencils to create most of the painting.  So - yes I was practicing art and yes I was using my new art materials.  Good for me :) Now as soon as I can locate a camera, which is not easy right now, I will post this with illustrations.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Promises to myself.

Today is my birthday, and because I got married on my birthday today I am 67 years old, and I am celebrating my 45th anniversary.  I have really had a lovely day just relaxing with Derek, eating out, playing with the Grandchildren.

Today is also the day I stop fooling about and begin to be the artistic person I have wanted to be for years.  So -- promise time!

I promise myself that I will stop buying every new medium that crosses my path.  I will begin to use the piles of art materials and ideas I have been hoarding for the past ages.  Sink or swim I am going to test myself to see if I am just talk or I really want to be an artist!  It's time I think :)

The first thing I have done to set off on my new path is purchase a new sketch book - now I think about it that's just like me - I should have made one!  Oh well, next time.

Anyway - here is my first entry - a birthday self portrait - the first one I have ever attempted at that.  Derek says it doesn't look much like me.  I think it looks like me.  Here it is - you decide :)