Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day one

This little blog is my adventure into the blog world. I have done a bit of practicing and decided that this is it. My final attempt!  Now or never, a forever blog.

Why blog? 

I want to keep a of record showing how my art work is changing as I become more and more involved in the art world.  I am doing a lot of "swaps" with other artists at the moment so everything I do goes out the door.  At the same time this will become a sort of diary of my life, what is happening as I go along my merry way.

So let's start with my 66th birthday.  Derek and I celebrated  the 44 years of our marraige by going to Newport and having lunch at the Black Pearl.  We do this almost every year and I really don't enjoy the 3 hours spent in the car to get there and back anymore.  I am inclined to pout because this is not the way I want to spend my birthday - but - well, I never could resist Derek when he gets that "hurt" look because I won't do something his way.

So here he is at the Black Pearl - we took some really AWEFUL photo's there.  Ended up talking to the couple at the next table who were from Belgium.  Nice Folk.

After lunch we went for a drive on the ocean front.  I got some great "sea" scenes with rolling waves and wet rocks.  Hope this will help me with my painting as I am not very good at ocean scenes and I do so many of them!  LOL

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