Saturday, April 16, 2011


A bright day and Mandi is coming in from Conneticut with the children.  A birthday celebration for me and a wedding anniversary celebration for us. Good times!

Wait till they meet our new family member,
    Senor Chewi Chawbacka Chihuahua
(and I hope I spelt that right!)  He is 9 months old and has spent most of his life in a cage in someone's basement.  His nails are an inch long!  Jay "rescued" him last week and what a poor little puppy he was.  It took the combined efforts of daughter Vicki, her sister in law Samantha, and yours truly plus a  pork chop to coax him out of his cage.  It took over an hour, the poor baby was terrified.

Today he is running around happy as can be.  He is the sweetest little dog.  Barks only when strangers come in or he sees the local cat, Miles, or a squirrel, or Derek who he challenges every time he sees him. Only growls when you try and take his bed.  He nipped at 4 year old Isabel for teasing him once and they both learned a lesson.  Still a little unsure about toilet training but learning fast what a garden is and what his should leave there.

I must admit I was very dubious when Jay said he was getting Chewi.  I didn't think he would adapt after being in a cage all that time.  Apparently purchased as a Christmas present for two teenagers who weren't interested and just left him caged.  Cruel. Anyway here he is - and we all have a severe case of Puppy Love.

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