Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday week end for me

I have been busy with the Blue bird of Happiness swap this week.  Unfortunately I am good with the blue bird but how to add happiness? This first attempt is a folded blue bird that opens from the one on the right to the full size one on the left.

The photo on the left shows a gift tag I made to give to Mary.  After the pretty bird one she made for me I think this is a bit heavy - still I will send it anyway.  The little bird on the left at the bottom is just a bird and the one on the right is sheer fun of course!
The photo below here is of the two Blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover cards I made.  The little girl/boy on the bird is maybe not happiness but it would be fun to fly away on the big blue bird wouldn't it?

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  1. Now the thing is Lois I am a little disappointed I decided to follow your blog today as it has spoilt the surprise of the wonderful Blue birds flying my way. They look wonderful I cannot wait.


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