Friday, June 10, 2011

Journal Pages and Dye Experiments

I had a fun day today and as a reward for being so good I received these two beautiful Journal pages from Mary Larner in England.
The titles of the pages for this month were "It's been a slice" and "I want to lose myself in your song" . Mary, as always, had created perfect pages to illustrate the challenge. Last month I received Mary's pages too and I will be quite happy to create an album just with Mary's work!  I love her blog which you can find in the sidebar. Tin Can Tart.

The fun part of the day was creating my first dyed silk scarf.  I want to try silk painting but I am a little nervous about it so I thought I would start with a method Judith Baker Montano describes as "Blobs".  It was very interesting seeing how much the dye spread out.  I used a dry white silk scarf as the dye is water based.  Next time I will dampen the scarf to see whether it spreads further.  I did learn not to leave the material folded as there is a slight line on the fold, noticable if you are really scrutinizing the scarf. I am very please with the end result, after all I haven't tried to dye anything, (hair doesn't count does it?), since I tie dyed back in the 60's.  Silk painting here I come :)

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  1. Thank you for those very kind comments on my pages.And I love your textiles what beautiful work.


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