Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Launching soon

In New England the Winters are rather hard and boats are pulled up onto the hard for the cold seasons.  Now that Spring has sprung and is almost gone Derek is hard at work prettying "Gypsy".  Our little boat is the joy of our lives in the Summer and over the years Derek has turned her from a hoyden into a really pretty lady.  Unfortunately this means I don't see him for weeks on end except to feed him and watch him sleep!  He works so hard on the boat he is exhausted by the time night rolls around.  Now he is under the gun as we have a launch date - Monday June 20th, and the tides will be just right at 3pm so "Gypsy" had better be ready to float.

Here is a quick sketch of the "in progress" :)


  1. He really looks like quite the multi-tasker. You've captured his urgency to get everything done very well. Happy sailing!

  2. You have made me feel very guilty as my other have loves sailing and I do not. (great picture )

  3. What a great sketch! Gypsy looks really cute and full of character and Derek super busy:-)


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