Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nerf Wars

The cousins slept over last night so here it is, 9am Saturday morning, and the Nerf Wars have been going full blast for the last hour.  They form a formidable band of outlaws don't they? At the back we have Collin on the left and Dominic on the right.  In the front Isabel and Scotty.  Zane and Gemma are coming today to join in the fun at Vicki's work party, but Collin and Scottie will go home after the event - a cousin swap!

 Granite holds a party with rides and fun every year.  This is the ad Granite puts in the local newspaper. Everything is free but donations are requested for the Dana Faber Institute which is Boston's big cancer hospital.
It's great to see a big company doing something for charity isn't it?

Tomorrow we will have Isabel's birthday party, spaghetti taco's and pies! 5 already. No longer the baby, no longer a toddler.  A little girl who starts Kindergarden this year and is VERY ready after two years of preschool!  Monday is her actual birthday and I believe we will be having a little icecream cake on Monday just to celebrate the actual day.

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