Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Storms

It’s a wild night here.  Rain, thunder and lightning.  After a broiling hot day we have a cool night.  Great for sleeping Smile

I purchased a new thermometer so that I can tell my sister how hot or cold it is here.  Derek has the same problem calling NZ.  Everyone is Celsius based except us.  Well, just for you Sally Anne it was 30.5 C here at 5 pm and it’s 24.5 now at 8 pm.  A significant drop we are happy to say.


On this piece I wanted to try a woven material background, and also I wanted to play with some Lautrec. The weaving was a success but the little bar of Lautrec blends in too much.The figure is just sewn around and painted.  I made a little clay face and added some Pearlex to the paint on the complete doll. 

Unfortunately I was having too much fun with the gold and mauve. Never having just poured paint onto a project before I really had to take myself in hand and let loose. The thought of making an "error" keeps me way too uptight.  I took one photo of it under the light in the bedroom and another in the living room quite a dramatic difference!

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