Friday, May 20, 2011

 Lauren created a  "Watermelon" swap.  Isabel is very direct about my efforts. "Watermelons can't fly, and that man can't possibly carry that big watermelon Granny!"  Oh well, I suppose I should just be happy that my efforts have at least produced a recognizable watermelon!  :)  

I have also become interested in making buttons.  These are Dorset buttons.  They were made by the women and children of a family for additional income and they were quite well paid for them.  Unfortunately a button machine was invented and the handmade industry died leaving starving families.  Some of these people immagrated to the USA.  I have made some watermelon Dorset buttons ones for Lauren as a hostess gift.  I hope she likes them.

I am going to add  Dorset buttons to my crazy quilt. Here is a small house and garden I added and a rather wobbly bird bath with my very first spiderweb.

I have been working on the quilt for about 10 years now.  I really must get if finished!  This one is promised to Mandi, and Vicki might like one too, I am not sure.

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  1. Lois, your Dorset buttons are intrigueing me. They look so beautiful and intricate, I had never heard of them. Your work is beautiful! xoxo


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