Thursday, April 12, 2012

Promises to myself.

Today is my birthday, and because I got married on my birthday today I am 67 years old, and I am celebrating my 45th anniversary.  I have really had a lovely day just relaxing with Derek, eating out, playing with the Grandchildren.

Today is also the day I stop fooling about and begin to be the artistic person I have wanted to be for years.  So -- promise time!

I promise myself that I will stop buying every new medium that crosses my path.  I will begin to use the piles of art materials and ideas I have been hoarding for the past ages.  Sink or swim I am going to test myself to see if I am just talk or I really want to be an artist!  It's time I think :)

The first thing I have done to set off on my new path is purchase a new sketch book - now I think about it that's just like me - I should have made one!  Oh well, next time.

Anyway - here is my first entry - a birthday self portrait - the first one I have ever attempted at that.  Derek says it doesn't look much like me.  I think it looks like me.  Here it is - you decide :)


  1. I love your journal page, and I can see it does look like you! You definitely have the talent. I am always envious of people who can draw and paint,lol! Have fun making art, it's the best thing in the world! :)
    Happy Birthday and anniversary! (I hope you got two presents, not one,LOL!)

  2. How can I can myself a friend when I did not wish you Happy Birthday or happy Anniversary,I blame looking after a 18mth for giving me brain fog.
    By the way I also should be making these promises,my News Years resolution was not to buy anymore suplies,I think I lasted a day.


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