Saturday, April 28, 2012


In desparation I finally purchased a new camera on Amazon last night.  I have wanted one for a long time and now I need it!  Today I took a day off and  had fun.  I took care of baby Mackenzie - 6 months old and a little darling.  I managed a sketch of her when she was napping and I have another couple going as well.  I practiced a "doll" faced drawing this evening and used my Prismacolor pencils. I purchased them for a Suzi Blu lesson and have only used them once so far.

April 28th,
Here are a couple of sketches I made in the last couple of days or so.  I have actually been working on some "envelope" art and sent of a few letters etc.  I learned that water colors are NOT a very successful medium for envelopes - they buckle with the water and that isn't what I want.  It's fun finding what doesn't work right up there with what does.

School vacation led to a "let's play art" session with Isabel and Scotty.  I showed them how to "dribble" and spray ink, chunk on some gesso and stick "stuff" to the picture.  Scotty took his home with him but Isabel experimented with the "let's just mix 'em up up together" method and was not too impressed with the big grey globby mess she created!


  1. A great sketch of your SAILOR and Mackenzie,Isabel sounds a little like me

  2. Great sketches Lois! I just started sketching my self, and to be honest I had no idea how fun it is to do! It's always wonderful to try new things, like you did with envelopes and watercolors, and if it turns out to be a mistake, it's even better in some way, because it's a lesson learned. I have so many "mistakes" that I now see as a challenge to not throw them away but to incorporate them into my art journal, to make something with those pieces. And that always makes me happy!
    Have fun! xo! :)


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