Friday, August 12, 2011

Additions to the family

Over the last few weeks we have added a few friends to the family

 On the left we have Ruby, belonging to Isabel, and on the right Bob, belonging to Dominic.

The kids begged and begged for a turtle. Vicki went out and bought the whole turtle set up, tank, heat lamp, big rock to sunbathe on, etc., just to be sure he would be happy here.  This is Squirt owned by, and thoroughly disliked by, both kids.  Squirt is mean - he hisses and snaps and does not like children! Look at that face! He LOOKS like a grumpy old man.

And this my dears is Thomas the Tortoise.

Thomas is mine :). I have wanted a tortoise since I was about 5 year old and fell in love with my friends pet who used to hibernate under their sofa in the winter.  Thomas will not hibernate.  He comes from North Africa and will grow to about 150lbs and live 120 to 150 years.  My great grandchildren will ride him I expect.

Thomas is one spoiled little pet.  He loves the kids and pokes his head out when he hears them.  They pick him up so quickly and swish him through the air so fast I am amazed he puts up with it without complaint.  See how he has his legs and head out as Dominic holds him?  If it's a stranger holding him he is tightly tucked in his shell.

He is not too keen on Chewy the dog.  Chewy gave him a big doggy kiss and Thomas hasn't put his head out around the dog since.


  1. Not sure i like Squirt either,but it is great to see a happy tortoise. As a child I remember going to a pet shop choosing a Tortoise from a pen where they were piled on top of each other. And due to ignorance back then having to repeat the trip because they never lived long.Thank goodness a ban was introduced in 1984 to stop the trade here.(10 million were imported between 1890-1984 )I have just googled and read that they are beginning to come back into the UK in large numbers,which is sad. Not sure what happens over there but I have a friend with two elderly Tortoise who takes them every year for a health check where they are weighed and given vitamin shots.

  2. Lois, I LOVE your pets! They are so adorable! I even love Squirt! Maybe a poor thing has some bad childhood experiences that made him who he is today :) But you should give him a chance! And also, how can you expect Thomas to like Chewy - no kissing amongst men, remember? He must be so embarrassed, poor thing!
    Oh, you made me laugh with this post. Thank you so much!!!


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